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What is Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic SurgeryCosmetic surgery is introduced as a new field on modern medical science. It evolves quickly, always seeking for new techniques and also constantly improves the ones already available to give an up-to-date treatment to any patient.

Cosmetic medicine and surgery is a very modern concept that refers to that specific medicine focused on improving the physical appearance of any human being; and it´s an activity developed only by physicians specialized on this field.

This type of medicine has evolved thanks to a high social demand of new treatments focused on improving the physical appearance of the patient by very low risk and safe medical procedures, which only requires local anaesthesia, safe and with no complications on most of the cases, but in the mean time, highly effective and with great results in a short period of time. These procedures are performed to return the shape to the natural body structures, always looking forward to improve the looks and self esteem of the patient.

Our Medical Facilities have a specific unit for Cosmetic surgery, with fully experienced physicians, that offers unique and innovative techniques of high impact and completely recognized by the scientific community.